Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Roses & Apricots

Haven't updated in a while...I feel like I lost my insporation lately. Thankfully it is starting to come back. Picture heavy post with some new finds!
Dress from TARGET it knee length and pretty color blocking of apricot and a salmon-ish pink.
The shoes P-chan bought for me while we were out for Sunday brunch. <3 They are Cole Haan!! *^.^* They are brown with a bright pink heel and toe. Reminds me of something Kate Spade actually.

I have been wanting a new lotion, and have always liked the Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, but wanted something a little lighter that didn't take forever to soak in. The Creamy Oil has oat oil and almond oil in it so it has a light sweet smell that fades away quickly. I was worried because it is not fragrance-free, but fragrance is the last ingredient on the ingredient list, so I gave it a shot. The test is my legs. My legs get super itchy and red whenever I use a lotion with fragrance. So, after shaving in the shower, I slathered some on and...nothing! ^___^ It soaks right in and leaves my skin soft all day. A repurchase for sure. I also got the Aveeno Moisturizing Bar as a body soap. Since it is chock full of  oatmeal powder, and extract, etc as the first ingredients, I thought it would be great for my skin.
Last are Bathclin Aroma Sparkling bath salts in Rose Moist. Pretty average at $5 for five sachets. What I like about these is that they are colorant and artificial fragrance free. I usually don't have trouble with any Japanese bath salts, but these were enticing especially because they are slightly effervesent. The bath color is a milky white and it has extra minerals in it to soften your skin. So far the Queen's bath salts in Rose, Sakura and Milk are still my # 1favorite.

My first Lancome Juicy Tube! They had a bunch on sale for $4 at the Outlet Mall, so I tested it and liked it. These have a limited edition Yayoi Kusama design on the front, and are 100% natural origin. Unlike other juicy tubes I have seen this does not have glitter in it. Which is awesome! My #1 lippy pet peeve is glitter. I picked up Apricot Dot after P-chan loved the scent from the tester I tried. It is a light apricot color that smells like fresh apricots. Yum! It goes on very sheer. I don't really notice a color. Great little balm/gloss you can put on without having to look in a mirror. 


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