Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I like (this month)

 My new ring that P-chan got for me ^.^ We went to the Carlsbad Village Faire on Sunday. Since we live right next to the village area, after our usual Sunday brunch we walked around. Apparently afteword I learned that it is San Diego County's BIGGEST fair (more than the Del Mar Fair!) with over 850 vendors. We didn't walk the whole thing since it was so massive, but looking at all the cool vendors was fun. I found this at a jewelry vendor, they had a big rose gold selection that caught my eye. Only $20, real Swarovski crystals and 18k rose gold plated!
 I bought this on a weekend trip to LA for a fashion symposium. It is a cork headband from J. Crew. The J.Crew at The Grove was having a massive sale that weekend, so I had to go in and buy this polka dot skirt I have been lusting after. I saw this adorable headband by the counter and had to get it. Goes well with my hair colour, so it makes it very suble with the gold flecks in it. LOVE~Great for lazy summer days when I just want to pull my hair back, but still want it to look cute.
I needed a new make-up remover after I deducted that the Mandom Cleansing Water was causing breakouts. I was just going to switch back to the Sebum kind, which I used before (the BrightUp version was the culprit) and didn't break me out. However, this caught my eye when I was walking to check out. I changed my mind since it was #1) cheaper #2)had soy milk. My cleanser and moisturizer also utilize soy isoflavons, so I figured why not round out my entire skincare to be soy-based? It is super cool! It is Dariya brand Soy Milk Makeup Remover Gel. Yes, it is a gel, yes GEL. You use about a bean(soy bean!) size and rub all over you face then rinse. It rinses perfectly clean, leaving my skin soft and moisturized.


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