Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marukai Trip

I went to Marukai the other day to buy more Mandom Cleansing Water. I love this stuff. (I even got my mother into using it.) It takes of EVERYTHING with two pumps, last about 2-3 months, and cost $11.  I have used two bottles of the Sebum version, but wanted to try the brightening version called Bright Up to see if it would give me more glowing skin, and/or help with acne scarring. We'll see!
I normally just use Target brand cotton rounds, but wanted to try the Japanese kind that beauty bloggers love. I love how soft they are! Definitely lives up to the name of being ふわふわ FLUFFY!! The cute box they are in is adorable as well.
I also picked up a new mask. It is a peel-off type with collagen, and egg shell extract which has protein and calcium in it. I am hoping that it will keep blackheads at bay and make my pores smaller. Cheap at $6, and it claims to have 30 uses in the bottle!! Wowza!


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