Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

All the Jason Wu for Target items I bought. I arrived at the most secluded Target closest to my house at 6:45am. I was the first person there, so I ended up sitting in my car until I started to see other people show up around 7:30am. The manager came outside and told us that we could only get one of each item and nothing more. I thought that this was nice, but I later found out this was not the case at all the other Target locations and even online. They were total sticklers for the rule too, my mother told me she went by the same Target latter in the day and wanted to buy two dresses for my sister and I, but they would not let her. Even when she busted out pictures of us, showing the cashier that she had TWO daughters that wore TWO different sizes. When she told me that I was a little irked. Seriously? She busted out the cheesy daughter pics and you STILL didn't let her buy two? So anyways, as soon as they opened the door the about 10 people that were there RAN in and started grabbing one of everything. I was so shocked, I just kind of stood there in awe for a moment then ran up myself to the accessories display and grabbed the straw square bag that I wanted and the cat scarf. I actually grabbed two, but another woman was looking for it, and I remembered I could not get two so I gave it to her. They only had ONE cat tote bag, and I saw another woman grab it before me. ;__; I also got the light blue one. By the time I got to clothes, everything was gone except the blue mesh tank which I liked and picked up in a Medium and went to another Target to see if they had the poplin dress. (that Target did not have it they said) The next Target I went to at 8:30 was cleaned out. Zero bags (first to go) but they DID have my poplin a size 14 and 16. I bought it even though I wear a size 8, but returned it the next day. It was too big to even get tailored. The last dark blue scarf I found in a Go-Back cart while waiting for my Rx yesterday ^^;; ~Lucky~
Everything is super nice quality, I love my bag. It is perfect!! I'm not a scarf person per-se, but these are just so pretty and they are also the big kind which I prefer. I read on other blog complaints about them not being silk, but seriously? It is Jason Wu for Target. Not Jason Wu.


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