Friday, February 10, 2012

Android Apps

I always keep reading about iPhone apps(instagram, instagram, instagram) But I wanted to post about some of my favorite Android applications!! My sister and mother have iPhone4s, but I just can't get past the small screen >__< I'm still on the Samsung Galaxy S, and once the price goes down, way down, I am debating between the Samsung Galaxy SII or the Note-it has a STYLUS O.O Anyways...
So my current obsession is the DecoPic App by Community Factory.
It is basically like purikura for your phone. Like instagram you can change the feel of the photo, and then add frames, stamps, and drawings that you can add. Then post to the social media of your choice Facebook, Twitter, Ameba, Mixi, etc. I like how it is super simple and all of the additions are cute and all mix well together. I have just been playing around with pictures from Florida trying to get a good "look" down for the blog. I'll start posting soon.
Since we're talking about Florida I highly recommend the Southwest application if you are flying Southwest! You can check into your flight without having to be on a computer like if you are out and forgot, etc. You can also check your flight's status and if it has changed you can call and ask. This happened to us actually, our flight has been delayed and I found out through the app on the way to the airport.
Next and if you are looking for an inspo app girls pic is your thing! It is basically a Japanese pinterest app, that doesn't have a massive amount of categories.
Only four categories to choose from: nail, fashion, cosme and lifestyle. Which is really all you need right? I love looking at all the cute nail art on here, it has a lot of natural and gel nail posts. Great inspo if you are into nail art like me!


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