Monday, January 16, 2012

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

...or the Holy Grail. Whichever you prefer. Friday we went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you are planning on going, if you JUST want to go there, buy tickets for the Islands of Adventure only. I was little confused at the two theme parks at first, but then I realized it is just like Disneyland with the California Adventure theme park. Harry Potter is inside the other park towards the back. You can visit the other parts that are there as well (we passed Marvel World, and Jurassic Park) but we got to Harry Potter at around 12:30/1:00pm and did not leave until around 5 or 6. So you can make it an all day thing;especialy with the lines. The wait for the wand demonstration was 45 minutes! And I had to wait 15-20 minutes to get into the GIFT SHOP (which is a treat in itself. It is the Owl Post shop too, so there are animatronic owls and brooms moving above you) I was expecting that, so it was fine. The detail to everything is amazing. You walk into Hogsmeade during Winter are immediately sent to another place.

Had lunch at the Three Broomsticks  which was surprisingly pretty decent. I am pretty anti-theme park food except coffee, but the shepard's pie and pasties looked good. And they were! The beef was more of a shredded beef rather than the normal ground beef I was used to. It also came with a salad, which made the entire meal rather balanced. I got *butterbeer*, while P-chan got the Hogsmeade Brew real beer(it. Both were pretty good. Butterbeer tastes like a super sweet butterscotch soda. I really liked the thick foam at the top! I would not drink more than one cupful because of the intense sweetness, but it was part of the entire experience and I enjoyed it ^o^. Went on two of the rides, the first dragon ride was very fast+scary and I had my eyes closed half the time. The wait was short and I understand why now! The other ride which is probably the best is the Hogwarts adventure ride were you are on a broom flying around Hogwarts and go through special places throughout the school grounds. Warning: there is HUGE ANIMATRONIC ARAGOG. I HATE HATE HATE spiders, so I screamed at that part and closed my eyes. Getting on the ride took 90 minutes, so be prepared to wait a while. It is a rather nice wait because the line goes through the Hogwarts Castle. You see the Herbology Room, the hallway to Dumbledore's office, Dumbledore's office(SO COOL!), entrances to Gryffindor dormitories, and another classroom. All in all I highly recommend going if you are a Harry Potter fan. Even if you are not, you will enjoy it as well.


Santokes said...

Who is P-Chan?

Fuu, 風ーちゃん、風花 said...

Peter, not Pete.

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