Thursday, January 12, 2012

Epcot-for the domestic world traveler

Back from vacation last week, sorry for no posts >.< I tried using the Android app on my phone, but it makes the pictures crooked. Although it reminds me of Shokotan's blog random, quirky and adorable like she is. Seriously. I've seen/talked to her in real life, she is like a doll @__@ so adorable. Plus I love the constant pictures of her cats. SO CUUUTE!! Mamista~~** I am tempted to start posting pictures of Van.....
Outfit breakdown
-Green V-neck pocket T-shirt from Madewell. (two for $30 at Madwell in Miami)
-Navy blue and green polka dotted scarf from Madewell. ($10 from Madewell. There is no Madewell in SD, so I got a little crazy while I was there)
-Short/cut off Paige jeans.
-Pink glitter TOMS (did not match all that well, but they were the most comfy shoes I had with me)
-Duex Lux ruffle crossbody purse. (gift from P-chan ♥ ♥ ♥ )
Anyways. Back to Epcot. IT WAS AMAZING!! Despite being tired from the drive from South Beach the day before, I perked up when we got to Epcot. That big globe is SO COOL! The main dish of Epcot, is of course the countries. And I went to all of them with rabid excitement. What they have: Canada, United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, United States, Germany, China, Norway, and Mexico. We got there at about 12:00 and left at 9:30pm. So it is an all day affair. My personal favorites were the UK, Morocco and Japan.

The UK had a cute little pub we beer at before the fireworks, I loved the lush green garden they had there as well. It was like Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden! Plus the iconic red phone booths that actually had working pay phones in them!

Morocco had gorgeous architecture, I felt like I was in Aladdin as soon I entered the area. Especially since Jasmine and Aladdin were also there! It has a nice bazaar, a mini museum showcasing clothing and jewelry. They had really cool traditional outfits, and even kohl make-up! It is applied with wooden sticks and you dip it into beautifully designed kohl bottles.

Next was Japan! I freaked out when I saw the Mitsukoshi sign, and had to explain to P-chan I thought it was hilarious because I actually WORK for Mitsukoshi kind of. They merged with my actual employer, ISETAN last year. I have never been to Japan, so it was like this surreal feeling of going into my job's actual store. Totally was not inside (we were bombared with Pokemon plushies and Gundam figures when we walked in) but it was still cool. They had a cute Studio Ghibli section where I bought some super cute Kiki's Delivery Service(魔女の宅急便) clear folders for work. They have Jiji on them *^.^* Everything else was disgustingly expensive so I passed. (Dr. Grip pens were $21 x__x)

All in all I loved it. The rides there cool movies about each country. I highly recommend the 360 degree movie ones. Those are a treat. Only complaint was no Africa ;__; Yes, I know Morocco is in Africa, but I wanted something from Central Africa like Zimbabwe or Ethiopia.


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