Thursday, January 19, 2012

meow! Fashionista Kitty

I love cats. They are adorable, free willed, cuddly and great companions no matter what some people say. Van sleeps with and follows me around whenever I am sick, he just KNOWS. I have heard that female cats are much more bitchy, and less laid back that male cats, so I only speak from having a boy.
Anyways, this spring seems to be the spring of the kitty cat! From prints on the runway, Jason Wu, even Karl Lagerfeld posted pics of his new kitten on twitter!  Even make-up is getting on the kitty cat sensation! Paul & Joe Cosmetics' spring line is featuring cats. Now, the line has always had an affinity for cats(the lipsticks have always had a cat since I remember)but this time it's everything. has a nice posting about it and I really want to try the compact with the cat!
How adorable is this?!
Jason Wu for Target is also having Jason's personal cat make an appearance into a few pieces. I have got my eye on the scarf:


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