Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Industry Lookbook

My new online shopping obsession is It is a more hipster-indie-vintage online retailer based out of Fullerton, CA! Not to far from me...may have to apply soon (^.^)  They even have a curvy/plus sized section (which is pretty much non-existant at major hipster retailers like Urban Outfitters) that I find to be very good for their business since big girls want to look cute too! There is even an "indie" clothing section which is basically adorable limited pieces they nabbed off of Etsy or in LA I'm sure. They have released two online lookbooks for Fall so far, but my favorite is their industry inspired collection. They took normal office job titles and styled all of them with their company's theme in mind. My favorite looks were:
The Event Planner
I LOVE LOVE the event planner look for it's use of the pleated blue skirt. I'm obsessed with skirts for Fall/Winter this year and a bright blue one like this could easily also work in the Summer and Spring seasons as well. Just wear a tucked in tank instead of a long sleeve button up. Because of the use of three colours, it also has a slight colour blocking look to it, but not as in-you-face-COLOOOR as usual colour blocking looks use. Just simple white, yellow and blue.

The Buyer

The Buyer look I skipped over at first, but have come to appreciate it's lady look. It is completely feminine, but not overtly cute. She looks like a nice young lady. The bows on her T-strap heels add the perfect finishing innocent touch. The polka top is also great becaues it is not tight fitting, but is still feminine because of the salmon and white dots. I personally would have gone with a solid skirt in navy blue or dark brown, but the grey/lavender that is used makes the outfit more unique and mismatched, but still matching. Good job stylists!


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