Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 「Smile for...幸せ」

Spent the Friday night of the three day weekend at home..watching a fashion show. Because of the time difference 11:00pm here was when the Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn/Winter show was having a simultaneous broadcast on NicoNicoDouga! For those who do not know it is a twice yearly fashion show in Japan featuring some of the hottest designers and brands in Japan.. Each brand puts together a few key looks for the season and has Japan's top magazine models and talento walk the runway, with a musical intermission because it is a 4 hour long show!
Some featured were H&M, Cecil McBee, OneSpo, Beams, American Apparel, and Honey mi Honey. My favorite My favorite looks were by my usual favorite Cecil McBee and Lovedrose, which is a brand I have been really liking recently in magazines. I was super happy that my favorite model, Karina had one of my favorite looks on herself. My favorite part about the TGC is that it is open to the public. You just have to buy super expensive tickets. So it is like a big girl's night where friends come together dressed in their favorite outfits (sometimes matching) to see the latest outfits and trends for the new seasons.

Major trends that I saw for Autumn/Winter were:
  • Felt hats
  • Platforms &wedges
  • Short hair
  • Fur trim
  • Leopard+red
  • sheer skirt
  • tartan/plaid
  • poncho
  • large bags
  • polka dots
The best place to find pictures and a nice report are at TokyoFashion.com TokyoFashion is a great website if you are interested in Japanese fashion and subcultures. You can even get it as a smartphone app!


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