Monday, September 26, 2011

Cynthia Rowley BAND-AIDs

I remember back when Cynthia Rowley was one of the first designers to get into the "affordable collab" lines with major retailers. Unfortunately it was diapers, so I couldn't really pick them up. Since then she's done quite a few collaborations. Including swimwear with Roxy, her own limited kitchen wear line and I am sure many others in Japan that I do not know of. Anyway, here is one that everyone can buy and use at some point: Band-Aids! Remember when you were a kid and you thought it was so cool to have special Disney or another cartoon's band-aid on at school? Well not as an adult you can can still do this, but by your favorite designer. Cynthia Rowley has teamed up with Band-Aid Brand to bring some adorable band-aids to us adults who are not satisfied with plain brown band-aids, but too embarrassed to wear Hello Kitty.


Jenny said...

Waaaaah!! So freakin fun!!! :D

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