Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OMGossip Girl

And yet a new season of the love or hate it CW hit show Gossip Girl has begun. If you have not guessed already I love Gossip Girl. I admit, I was a hater at first. It is SO RIDICULOUS, yet pulls you in with it's soap opera story lines and characters. Every character has such a stand out personality in Gossip Girl and does not deter from it. That is what I like most. You are always annoyed at Serena for her stupid decisions, and love Blair for being who she is and not apologizing for it. What girl doesn't want that kind of confidence?
Anyways, the main reason I even started to watch it was for the clothes. I always saw stuff in magazines about "That's so Blair, or so Serena"  so I decided I needed to check it out. Season 5 opened up in Venice Beach, California. They say "LA", but I recognized Santa Monica, Venice Beach and the Hollywood Hills. I have always been a Serena-style girl and this opener did not disappoint. My favorite outfit though, was the dispensary scene with her and Nate. Excuse me, but OMG she looked adorable! She is wearing a pink and yellow Mike Gonzalez dress that I think I need to save up for (MSRP$170). I love the combo of pink and yellow with the green patent Louis Vuitton bag. Never been crazy over LV, but that bag is CUTE! Can you imagine it in a cobalt blue?! So far I'm drooling over Serena's bold statement pieces and haute boho chic style. Blair...please fix your hair. It looks like she got a bad perm.


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