Friday, January 10, 2014

Shiseido IBUKI Trial Kit FINISH!

So it took longer than two weeks, but I finished up the Shiseido IBUKI Trial Kit.........So how did it go?

 I wanted to fall in love with this line, but unfortunately I did not. The one thing I noticed was less redness in my skin as you can see the after pictures. HOWEVER, I did not notice any smoothing of skin roughness, and noticed a more than normal amount of blackheads on my nose. This most likely came from the cleanser. I have never had very much luck with Japanese cleansing foams. There is some ingredient in them that clogs up my pores ;___; The Softening Concentrate I did really like. I had some leftover when the cleanser and moisturizer ran out, and liked how it absorbed and how it helped my new facial oil absorb as well. 

 So now I am using the below products. Marukai got in the Nursery Make-up&UV Cleansing Gel in, so I decided to pick it up about a week after I started the IBUKI trial set as a make-up remover. It promotes actually being a DOUBLE CLEANSER (make-up remover and cleanser) so I was just using two pumps to take off make-up instead of the recommended five pumps. Since I am out of a cleanser, I am going to start using five pumps and hopefully it works! I got the AHA Fruits Mix type since I thought that my skin roughness could be solved with gentle exfoliation. I bought another bottle of the Annemarie Borlind Orange Blossom Energizer facial oil. I loved this stuff while on Accutane, so I decided to try it out again. And I picked up the Nameraka Honpo Soymilk Isoflavone Wrinkle Eye Cream (sheesh long name!) I figured at 25 I should get some sort of eye cream now.


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