Wednesday, December 18, 2013


 Recently my skin has had a lot of red spots, small blemishes and roughness. I was talking with my sister about it a few days ago, and she said that since I have been using the same skincare for the past two years that my skin is too used to it and it is no longer as effective. I do not know how much I believe that theory, but while we were out shopping I went to the Shiseido (my primer, foundation and blush are Shiseido, so I thought I would look at a trusted brand) counter at Nordstrom, and the sales woman gave me a sample of the new Shiseido IBUKI Purifying Cleanser. After using it for three days, I did notice that my skin was left rough, so I decided to try out the line. Here is the two week trial kit for Shiseido IBUKI!!
As you can see I have some red small blemishes, and roughness/acne scarring. We will see if my skin improves from these pictures in two weeks. These pictures were taken after washing my face for the last time with my old skincare routine. 


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