Friday, July 13, 2012

Back from the islands

I've been back since Monday, but my phone was stolen and I needed to catch up on job applications, so I have not made the time to upload photos. These photos are mostly by Peter (aka-why they are super pretty!) and his new HDR camera he got for this trip. The dull ones are from my old Samsung Galaxy S1 camera. I got the new S3 yesterday, so expect better photos from now on!
We had a fabulous time. The ocean there is so blue and clear, just like a painting. Alcohol there is super cheap, so if you like to drink make sure you allocated money to buy duty free 20% off alcohol while there. I drank a lot of rum ^^;; Cruzan Rum is made there, so I tried to drink only the local alcohol. Mostly took pictures, swam and explored the local areas. The hotel has a boat that takes you back and forth to St. Thomas, which is where you can go shopping so we went there a few times and looked around and took walks along the beach.

My natural curly hair. Fresh coconut water is WAY better than the bottled.

July 4th parade. They "celebrate" it, but it more about slave emancipation since they are not an official state.

My favorite. 0_0 looks like a photo shoot!


Jamila_aj said...

This looks lovely =)
Looove your curly hairs =)
How about following each others?

Love, Aida <3

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