Friday, June 29, 2012

Packing Complete

So P-chan and I are heading on a 8 day vacation to the US Virgin Islands today ^.^ I just finished all my packing. I started yesterday, and finished ironing some clothes I washed this morning. My main thing when packing is making an outfit list BEFORE I start packing. So yesterday I busted out all my magazine summer issues (ELLE, InStyle and RAY) and got some inspo from those outfits and also made sure to read the articles on how to pack properly.
I make a list for two reasons: 1) So I don't forget anything 2) So I don't over pack. I plan my outfits for each day that I am gone. This way I can easily plan out things to wear and make sure I pack items that can be mixed and matched. I write in pencil so I can take out an item and put in one I had used before and also matches, etc. Really good for over packers like myself. Also since I am doing carry-on only I decanted all of my skincare products into $1 3oz bottles from TARGET. I even did this for my favorite sunscreen and laundry detergent! Here are my finished pictures:
As you can see I also am using my former college backpack to use for in-flight items like my pillow, snacks and skincare. Our flight is 14hours so I packed the My Beauty Diary mask mixed with my regular moisturizer in a small case to use as a mask. I recycled my Bottega Louis macaron box since they are so cute and durable ^.^
So here is the before.....

 And the after...

What's inside:
+Hand towel
+Lavender sleeping eye mask
+ACURE lip balm
+My Beauty Diary Chamomile sleeping concentrate/B&C Soybean Gel Moisturizer
+Mistral Milk hand cream
+Stitch mirror
+not picutured: face mask and hand sanitizer


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