Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hair Colour

I dyed my hair last night! Unfortunately it did not go very well. I have never used a Japanese hair colour before, but they were on sale at Marukai and I know that this Lucido-L Milk Jam series is #1 on I have always used Natural Instincts hair color every few months to enhance my natural hair colour because it gets dry/light on the ends. I bought the chocolate ganache color, because it looked similar to my natural colour from when I was a kid(dark brown, it has faded to medium since I have gotten older). I really liked how the application bottle had a comb and I thought that it helped evenly apply the color. 20 minutes roots came out horrible! They are like an ugly burnt orange colour. I am debating going to buy ColorOops and take out the colour, or waiting three weeks/before I go on vacation to Miami and redye my roots.


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