Sunday, December 18, 2011

Champagne Pumps

New shoes!! My grandfather gave me some birthday money, so I went online to get some shoes to go with my New Years dress. (It's the Ted Baker Chandelier dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. P-chan bought it for my birthday ^.^). These are Fergalicious Utopia pumps in Champagne. I bought them from, I was super impressed at how cheap the shoes are! I got these and a pair of Seychelles sandals for $82. The Seychelles sandals were 80% off the original price!! These pumps are pretty comfy, I had to search a lot to find pumps that were not huge platforms. I'm already 5'8, so I do not need too much more height, these are only 3 inches. I walked around the house today with them since I have a cold and do not want to leave. Has decent padding, unfortunately the toe on the left shoes rubs on my pink toe >.< so I have to wear a bandaid on that toe when I wear them. But otherwise very cute.


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