Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lum-chan ラムちゃん

I want the new Lum-chan liquid eyeliner and mascara SOOOO BAD >.< Lum-chan is one my favorite anime/TV characters!! She is so cute, yet sexy and hilarious. I actually got the pleasure of being Moroboshi Ataru's interpreter at Anime Expo this year, which was awesome. Plus a strong and go-getter woman. They are made by Creer Beaute who makes my favorite Rose of Versailles Marie Antoinette liquid eyeliner(that is currently sold out at Marukai). I am assuming that they will be super similar(They are both waterproof and supposed to last 24hours), but Lum's has pink leopard packaging. There is a mascara as well, but I have never used a Creer brand mascara before. But I am willing to try it. All of their collab series have good reviews on @cosme. Plus, Japanese mascaras are the best (seriously. Try Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara)! I will ask about them getting it at Marukai next time I go.


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