Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LA Sample Sale

Went to the LA Sample Sale last month. Forgot to post what I got. I love the sample sales at the end of market weeks because all the stuff that is being sold for the upcoming season is for sale. I got there at about 11:00, so a lot of stuff was already gone. I did go by the Paul & Joe showroom because they always have adorable stuff for good prices. I bought this oversized bordeaux sweater from Paul & Joe Sister for $25 and it retails for $175! It has adorable wavy sequined frills that are supposed to be on the back, but I wore it on the front in this picture. I like that I can wear it both ways! (^o^)

The jewelry I have been wearing lately. My name necklace is yellow gold, mixed with my rose gold mini rose necklace. I like how they are not TOO contrasting colours.

Had my friend that went with me take this picture since there were no mirrors. Didn't buy because the chest was too small. Super cute though. I wanted to get it for my Miami vacation next month >.< oh well...


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