Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Updated the layout. The old one was too boring and ugly. This one isn't as fancy as some other blogs, but it will do for now. I love the animals x3 I have been obsessed with the zoo this summer.
I have gone the past two weekends! The San Diego Zoo is a fabulous place that does amazing animal research and conservation. It is all non profit so your ticket or pass money goes back towards the animals and the zoo, like the new Elephant Odyssey exhibit. I prefer to go around dinner time or little before to see the animals, many of them are nocturnal so they are actually awake by that time so I can see them. My favorites are the pandas and snow leopards. I do not always see the pandas because the line to see them is always super long. I saw the polar bears last time, which I normally do not see. He was sleeping.....
Sleeping Polar Bear


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