Monday, August 27, 2012

Make-Up Update

I finally got a job! So I have developed a daily make-up routine. I had already been using the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB the past month, so for more coverage I picked up the Dream Lumi concealer. I LOVE it. The reviews are right. It gives you skin a gorgeous glow and covers up dark circles.
I do not wear a lot of make-up as you can see. I rarely wear eyeshadow, so I like the Urban Decay gold shadow primer so it adds at least some colour. And my everyday Rose of Versailles Marie Antoinette brown liquid eyeliner.
-Maybelline Dream Fresh BB
-Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer
-Maybelline The Falsies Flared mascara
-Rose of Versailles Marie Antoinette Royal Brown liquid eyeliner
-Urban Decay Guilded Shadow Primer
-Lancome Soft Marshmallow lipstick
This lipstick is new. I was at the Carlsbad Premium Outlets and went to see what sales the lancome/high end make up outlet had. They had these lipsticks from the Spring 2012 collection of Lancome lipsticks on sale for $15. It is a nice wash of pink colour that looks very natural. Less moisturizing than the Coco Chanel Shine, but it last a little longer. 


Xin said...

congratulations on your new job ! I like your daily make up items ^^

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