Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coconut Milk

I picked up this lovely bottle a few days ago and simple adore it. I needed a new leave-in treatment since my Prexeed "TsuyaTsuya ni Naru Tsubaki-chan" was empty and didn't want to make a trip to Mitsuwa for one item. So I went to Target. I was actually just picking up my normal Palmer's Coconut Oil Protein Hair Pack(best hair mask!), when I saw this displayed next to it for only $4.99! My Tsubaki-chan was $14! Since I already loved the hair mask I figured I would love the hair milk as well. And I certainly did! It smells lightly of coconut and makes me feel like I'm on a tropical island every time I get a whif of my hair. The ingredients are not horrible, and shea butter and coconut oil are actually towards the top if the ingredient list, and no parabens! You can find this in the Black or African-American section of  Target, or any other store like it I think.


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