Monday, November 14, 2011

French Cinema Girl Inspo シネマ女インスポ

Inspiration was from Ray magazine's photoshoot of "Cinema Girl・シネマ女". I went out and found this polka dot skirt right after I read it! The 60s' French Riviera girl look is totally easy and cute-just my style. Wore this out recently. This skirt it super comfy! I tried doing the half-tuck with the blouse I posted previously. Good for a nice day out doing errand and shopping.

+Forever 21 polka dot skirt with brown belt
+Forever XXI chiffon red blouse with lace detail on the collar and cuffs. I found it by accident in the dressing room!
+Brown short boots with lace sides

+14k gold necklace with my name written in cursive. They were SUPER popular a few years ago, but I have recently started wearing mine again.
+Thin gold bangles
+Chanel hair barrette

I bought the new Stila Christmas make-up pallette today on a whim while picking up a new facial moisturizer at Ulta. I'll post a review on it later. I have never tried Stila before because I was afraid it would make my face break out. But Accutane makes me skin pretty resilient to anything right now, so I am gonna give it a try.


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